Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anti-Israel anti-semitism

(This is my first blog-only message after posting all my letters to the editor...)

I had an interesting discussion on an on-line forum recently.

I made the statement that Israel wants paece and would do anything for peace, including withdrawing from territory and forcing citizens to move (as we did in Gaza), if the Palestinians would agree to stop terror and accept a two-state reality.

I expected argument. But I didn't expect what I saw.

The primary responses that I received were "oh, so you think you're chosen!" and "what do you expect when you believe you deserve the land because of the Bible?"

I've always heard that anti-Israel sentiment was driven by anti-semitism, but having grown up very mainstreamed in America, I never really believed it. But it's true. When people feel like arguing with Israel, and nothing rational comes to mind, what comes out is pure anti-semitism.

Maybe they don't even realize it. When I pointed it out, they ignored it. But that's what they had written.

So all that we Israel supporters can do it keep making our rational points. Anti-semetic vindictive just means that they have no rational response. And we can hope that some non-anti-semites are reading or listening.

Israel will keep praying for peace, hopefully one day the world will understand.

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