Sunday, August 27, 2006

NY Times letter 2002 April 9: Israel and America, Out of Step

Israel and America, Out of Step

To the Editor:

Re "Israel Persisting With Wide Sweep Despite U.S. Calls"(front page, April 8):

I am an American citizen living in Jerusalem who can't goto the supermarket or coffee shop safely because ofPalestinian terror, and now President Bush wants Israel tostop its military operation before finishing steps toguarantee my safety and the safety of others here.

President Bush made clear with the Taliban hisunderstanding of the need to destroy terroristinfrastructure. Apparently, the lives of Americans (andIsraelis) living in Israel are not worth as much as thoseof Americans living in New York.

If President Bush really wanted to aid peace in the MiddleEast, he would address the true issue and do somethingconcrete to eliminate the terrorism. Then he could get thecredit that former President Bill Clinton wanted at CampDavid, and Israel can safely make offers, as it always has.


Jerusalem, April 8, 2002

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