Sunday, August 27, 2006

Washington Post letter 2006 August 1: Lebanon and Israel: Is Diplomacy Worth It?

Lebanon and Israel: Is Diplomacy Worth It?

I'm glad that Warren Christopher ["A Time to Act," op-ed, July 28] believes that previous U.S. diplomatic interventions in the Middle East were successful. I grew up in Washington, and I understand that from his Washington perspective, they probably looked successful. But from Israel, where terrorism has never stopped since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza, all previous examples are of failure.

Israel is learning from history. History shows that leaving terrorist infrastructure intact leads to more terrorism in a few years. Every time we fail to learn from that history, we doom ourselves to repeat it. If the Western world continues to put the pressure where it belongs, on Arab terrorists and supporters of terrorism, maybe we can break the historical cycle and have true peace.

Beit Shemesh, Israel

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