Friday, September 01, 2006

The illogic of the "disparity" issue in the Lebanon war

To make a point, imagine the following scene: A thousand Arab terrorists carrying grenades run towards a crowded Israeli shopping center. Or maybe towards Times Square. A thousand Israeli (or New York) policemen are standing near the mall with their sidearms.

Do we all agree that each policeman's job would be to take out their gun and shoot one of the terrorists? That would be their job, right? To protect the citizens in the mall against the terrorists.

Now, if this situation happened, and the policemen did their job and protected the citizens by shooting the terrorists, there would be a thousand terrorists dead and no citizens or policemen dead. Any dead citizens or policemen is a sign of a policeman that didn't do his job well enough.

Would this disparity be unfair? Would it show aggressive behavior by the policemen? NO! It would show policemen doing their job in a defensive situation.


Israel withdrew from Lebanon and from Gaza, and both were used to fire missiles at Israeli cities. After giving world powers time to stop it, it was the Israeli army's job to stop the missiles. The only question now is whether they did a good enough job.

Disparities in the counts of dead and wounded are no sign of problems on Israel's part, it's a sign of terrorists needing to be stopped. I hope that Americans and Europeans reading this never have to learn this first hand.


Mirek said...

Oh what a load of crap.
Thousand Palestinians with grenades. Please listen to yourself. Arabs are normal peace loving people. Terorrism was broughht to Palestine by the Zionists and anything that happened thereafter was a reaction of self defense (and often desperation) on the Palestinian side. The Zionists are a plague for the Jews who fight their wars of domination. Don't cry now about takin a beating from the Arabs, when you broke a rod too many on their backs.

Krulwich said...

Thanks for commenting! Civilized discourse is the hallmark of an advanced society.

So, apparently, is baloney.

Do mosques all over the world need security guards? Are airports on the lookout for skinny pale men with Yamulkas and Talmud editions, concerned that they might have bombs under their Chassidic coats? Have any other people in the world tried to achieve national aims by killing thousands of New York businessmen?

Normal peace loving people indeed.

Eventually some of them will wake up and realize how good their lives could have been by saying "yes" to building a Palestinian nation in 1947, 1948, 2001, or 2006.

In the meanwhile, Israel needs to protect its citizens.