Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just imagine if the Lebanon war hadn't been needed...

Every day there's talk on CNN and in the American media blaming Israel for devastation in Lebanon, anger in the Arab world, troups in Lebanon and Gaza, and all the Arab world's troubles. I think that we need to keep a few things in mind, and be sure to remind others of these few simple facts:

1. If, after Israel withdrew from Lebanon and Gaza, the Arabs had built peaceful lives there, Israel would have stayed out, and in fact would probably have withdrew from more territory (legislation currently on hold because of Lebanon).

2. If Hamas hadn't kidnapped soldiers from Gaza, and Hezbollah hadn't kidnapped soldiers from Lebanon, and if both hadn't fired almost a thousand missiles into Israeli towns with no Israeli response, there would have been no war.

3. If, the day after the war started, Hamas and Hezbollah had said "OK, it's not worth a war, here are your soldiers back, we'll stop firing missiles, just don't attack us" then the war would not have happened.

4. If, a week or so into the war when it was clear that their infrastructure was being hurt, they had said "OK, we'll give you back the soldiers and stop firing missiles," most of the damage would not have been done.

5. If, right now, Hamas would disavow terror and accept co-existance with Israel, money would flow into the Palestinian Autonomy from Israel, the US, and the World Bank.

Of course, once we're thinking along these lines:

6. If the Arabs had accepted the 1947 UN partition plan, there would be no problems today

7. If Jordan and Egypt had built Palestinian countries in the West Bank and Gaza, instead of keeping the Palestinians in refugee camps for 19 years, the Palestinians might have a normal society today.

The world cannot afford to forget that terrorists are responsible for the consequences of terror.

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