Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who made the West Bank what it is?

It's important for everyone to remember who made the West Bank what it is. Who put the Palestinians into refugee camps? Who decided not to create a Palestinian state? Who could have built up a modern economy and didn't?

The answer is simple: Jordan. And in Gaza it was Egypt. They're the ones who controled this area from 1948 to 1967. They put the refugees into refugee camps instead of building towns and cities. They kept them dirt poor instead of building an economy.

And most of all, they kept the territory without making a Palestinian state.

Everything that the Palestinians claim to want now, a state on the West Bank with Jerusalem as its capital, could have been created by Jordan. And they didn't do it.

Israel spent those years building the country from nothing to a high-tech and agricultural powerhouse. Israel spent the early year building housing and towns for Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Israel spent those years doing all the things that Jordan could have done in the West Bank (or Egypt in Gaza).

So when you see horrible pictures from the West Bank, blame Jordan. Blame the Arabs themselves. And think about why they're not doing anything about it to this day.

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